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#317391 Kept My Boss, Sold my GT350

Posted by docshelby on 24 May 2016 - 03:42 PM

So am I nuts? Couldn't keep them both, no room. And why would you need both? Anyway, the intent was get the GT350 and sell the Boss, a 2013 black LS#662 with most of the popular, forum approved mods, with 332mi. Couldn't do it, had an opportunity to get my purchase price back, and the Shelby was gone. Yes, the GT350 is awesome, but there is something special about our cars, that hard to describe. Some call it "presence" I just call it bad a$$.

They talk about the flat crank sound....nice!  Did you ever hear a Boss in Trackey Mode with GT500 muffs, sans restrictor plates...nuff said!

Besides, who could leave you guys.


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#304520 New Boss Celebrity Status

Posted by 302 Hi Pro on 16 August 2014 - 11:17 PM

Over here, there is a small car show on Friday evenings, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM at a place known as Johnson's Farm. It's held in the parking lot of their Farm Store and Family Center, real nice place, usually lots of children. Most Friday nights there might be 20 to 30 cars, but last night maybe there was 60 cars of all types in attendance. Took some nice shots with my camera rather than my cell phone and i will post a few as there were some real nice Ford muscle representation.

The Boss drew a lot of attention. Only one there. I met a young man and his dad who really liked my Boss, actually the son really liked the Boss, knew more about my car than 90% of all the visitors who stopped by to look and ask questions. He know production numbers, HP/TQ ratings, 0-60 and 1320 times as tested by the car magazines, and more, much more. I was very impressed. He took some pics with his iPad and then I took some pics of him with the Boss. Let him sit in the drivers seat and took his pic behind the wheel of a Boss 302.

His dad and I chatted as he sat in the car, and his dad noticed "the look" on his face. You know the look, and I just smiled. He wants to be an Automotive Designer when he grows up, the little man loves cars and has a real appreciation for special cars, and he is 11 years old. As he and dad were ready to go, I said, "Hey guys, want to see what's the trunk?"

Popped the trunk lid, (boot), and there was my 1/24 scale KB Boss 302 model, I asked Dad, does he collect model cars? As Dad was saying, "Oh yes, does he ever", I handed him the model, "Here you go young man, this will look better in your collection than in my trunk". You should have seen the look on his face, you know the look, and now so does his Dad!

Very impressive young man, and good to know one member of the next generation who will keep our love for American Muscle Cars alive and well in the future. It was a good car show.

Enjoy your Boss and Pay it Forward.
All the Best,
302 Hi Pro
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#298432 Car Washing

Posted by GHIGBoss on 28 February 2014 - 03:48 PM

If anyone needs a good laugh this is the topic to read.  All this because LSBB cannot play well with others.  The thing I find really funny is if you google search his side picture it comes back to an ad out of Kansas for someone selling a Boss 302.  Now I know with this said he is going to start targeting me again, but I am tired of him causing drama on this page for no reason.  This forum is about the exchange of information, not your personal spot to cause problems.  If you want to do that then please go find another forum to talk on. 

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#304588 New Boss Celebrity Status

Posted by GHIGBoss on 20 August 2014 - 07:06 AM

I actually have two really cool run ins while in the Boss.


I was at a street festival a while back showing off the Boss with hundreds of other cars and hundreds of other people.  I was parked with a Z06 on one side of me and a Camaro SS on the other side of me.  Throughout the evening I had plenty of people coming up to look at my race car asking me how I can legally drive it on the rode.  Which is always great when people look at the car and I give them the history on it and it seems like they walk away loving the car more than when they first walked up to it.  The greatest to me is when a little girl about 8 years old came up to look at the car and asked me to read her the signs I had displayed with it(my certification and window sticker) and I read them to her and then she asked if it was my car and I told her it was.  It was at this point she got a huge smile across her face and asked it sit in it.  She got in and I moved the seat all the way forward for her so she could reach the sterling wheel, then stuck my foot in to press the clutch in and start it for her.  When it cranked she had the largest smile on her face that I could never forget.  She stayed in there for a few minutes and then got out when she did she looked at me and said "When I get big I want a car just like this".


The other day me and the other half went to dinner and we each took a Boss.  It was a rough day at work for me and I needed to relax and there is no better way to relax than to drive the Boss.  When we get to the restaurant we oh course had to sit by a window to keep an eye on the cars and in doing so we watched many different people walk up to the cars to look at them.  When we went to go leave we had two little boys come over to the cars to want to look at them and they were drooling on them and the funny part is their Dad drives a Camaro.  Both the boys told their Dad that they want Mustangs when they get older. 

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#298175 Boss in Top 51 Coolest Cars--Road and Track

Posted by Laguna Seca Girl on 25 February 2014 - 05:07 AM

For those who still get paper magazines: the Boss 302 is one of many automotive greats pictured on the cover of the latest Road & Track as one of the 51 Coolest Cars of the Last 50 Years.  Blurb describes the Boss as the most "soulful iteration of Ford's 5.0-liter. . . " 

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#282850 No offense to the 12's

Posted by TymeSlayer on 17 January 2013 - 08:21 AM

Just so you know, between the two years of 2012 and 2013, there is approximately one BOSS for every 886,600 people in the world. 

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#298369 Had a fun afternoon

Posted by TimBoss351 on 27 February 2014 - 08:47 PM

I drove my Boss to run some errands today and when I went to pick up my girls form school I used the carpool.  You can get parked anywhere in a big U, but the bottom of the U is right where all the kids come out.  I had both boys and girls yelling out that they loved my Boss, and the best comment was a girl that was maybe a 2nd grader, who walked by with a friend and said 'Sweet ride!'.


My girls were in heaven with the attention the car was getting.  I have to keep cleaning fingerprints off of it because my 6 year old keeps hugging it. Made for great pictures though.

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#298254 HELP! Track Key Install in Europe

Posted by 302 Hi Pro on 26 February 2014 - 07:49 AM

Hi Guys:
Just a spectator here, but I find this fascinating. The Boss 302 bring us together regardless of language, boarders, or time zones. I think this example of like minded individuals to assist a Boss owner in need is amazing. It is an attest to the fine men and women that belong to this Forum and their dedication to the product and to one another. This is another reason why the Gen-2 Boss 302 is soon to be known as Legendary.

Nice, very nice indeed.
Hats off,
302 Hi Pro
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#298230 Boss in Top 51 Coolest Cars--Road and Track

Posted by Laguna Seca Girl on 25 February 2014 - 08:34 PM

Here's Mom's Boss:


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#292646 Finally got it Pics of my Boss's

Posted by rlay302 on 01 October 2013 - 10:22 PM




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#312748 Boss 302 prototype saved from crusher

Posted by kaylan1521 on 24 August 2015 - 08:42 AM

Proud to say that on Friday the Kona Blue development car was saved from it's date with the crusher. This is the car that is featured in the Boss 302 book we all received as well as this is the car in the wind tunnel in the video. It wasn't an easy task but worth the effort to preserve a piece of automotive history. The car is currently in my possession where it will be kept in a climate controlled environment until further notice. It'll make it's fair share of shows and eventually make its way to a museum or?
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#304963 Supercharger on the Boss

Posted by Nebob on 04 September 2014 - 02:58 PM

The guest house, a completely furnished three-bedroom house with everything you need for your stay, is absolutely free. The price (parts and labor) for the 715hp Roush Stage 3 supercharger package, (including the CAI, fuel components upgrade, etc.), tuner, headers and H pipe, driveshaft, safety loop, MGW shifter, dyno tune, was a little over $13k. And they did about as a professional job as you can find. I brought it there 9am Tuesday morning and picked it up yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) at 1pm. Brent White, the owner, does the tuning, and he's about as good as you get!

Before: 372rwhp, 327 lb ft torque. After: 633rwhp, 519 lb ft torque.

Its definitely louder, and power you wouldn't believe! But it purred like a kitten (maybe a big mean kitten) at 75mph for 11 hours, all the way home :)

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#304281 How many miles is too many miles?

Posted by Gangreen55 on 05 August 2014 - 10:59 PM

I acquired mine in early June with 9,358 miles on her.  It broke my heart when she turned 10K just last week, but I didn't buy her to curate her like some museum piece. I mean, to each his own with how often and for what the cars are driven for...the reasons are as personal as the owners.  As I mentioned in another thread, I came across a feller near me recently, who bought a 2013 SBY new, owned it 1 1/2 years now and only has 67 miles on it...  He only drove it 3 times, and twice was back to the dealer.  The mats are still in plastic in the trunk.  That may be his way of enjoying the Boss and I'm all too happy for him.  If that brings him enjoyment, then all the power to him.  I've promised myself I'm not going to sweat the miles, because I realized I have a bigger grin when I hear that side exhaust from behind the wheel, than sitting in a chair and staring at her (more of a Cheshire cat grin in the chair).  Don't sweat it, keep her clean, keep her maintained and enjoy the ride!  I'm sure if our cars could talk they'd be begging us to please take them out for a drive, like a dog bringing you his leash!   :thumbsup:

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#302926 STOKED! Just got a 2013 GB Boss

Posted by BDAutobahn on 13 June 2014 - 08:37 AM

Congratulations Winter-man.  As for the bowtie comparison, a guy would have to be irrationally oblivious to any level of objectivity whatsoever to fail to acknowledge that the Boss is a flat out wonderful machine, case closed. The TV show Motorweek pointed out that in 40+ years of testing vehicles, only one has been a unanimous choice "best of the year" vehicle - the Boss (2012 tested).  When I saw that episode, I was utterly floored.  That's really saying something!  And like you, to be completely honest, I've always snickered at Mustang drivers as being Neanderthal mouth breathers.  Instead I much preferred European stuff, with my top ride being a wickedly mod'd 911 Turbo.  It didn't help when Mustang drivers, in larger numbers than other cars, would routinely pull alongside and want to street race.  Countless magazines (full disclosure I work for the company that publishes Car and Driver plus Road & Track) said that the Boss put the M3 on the trailer though.  A guy would be pretty stupid to ignore all the reviews. 


As for comparisons vs. a '14 Z/28, I would just offer up the following: 1) Just sitting in the new Camaro makes me nervous because the thing is like sitting under a turtle shell.  To call it claustrophobic doesn't even scratch the surface. 2) Everything I've read says that, while a wicked track machine, the Z/28 is marginally streetable.  3) The weak link with a Boss is the braking system, whereas the Z/28 has standard ceramic brakes.  Simply upgrade the Boss's brakes and track time differences between the Boss and the Z/28 shrink significantly.  Plus who are we kidding, at $30k+ price difference, you can upgrade the brakes, toss in a few other mods, and have enough money left over to buy a pair of BMW S1000RR sport bikes, which, speed-wise, make any of our cars seem like driving a Divco milk truck.


That grabber blue is just incredible, it's sooooo unique (interesting that the BMW M3 in that color is "Laguna Blue").  From a mile away a person is going to notice a GB Boss, which is part of the fun (my black LS just kinda' fades into the background, but oh well).  What's really special about the Boss is that the Ford engineering team set out to really make a statement about their technical prowess, basically saying:  "Y'all think the Germans are better than U.S.-made cars, well how do you like me now!"  And on that count they knocked it right out of the park.  All around, the Boss is just an incredible machine.  Period.  That it took you and me a little longer to see the light just makes us a bit more appreciative in the end, I bet.

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#302879 STOKED! Just got a 2013 GB Boss

Posted by winter599 on 11 June 2014 - 09:26 PM

First off, I haven't been around very long but this forum has been a wealth of knowledge and an asset in smartly acquiring my 'new' Boss 302. Since May of 2011 when I had the unique opportunity to absolutely hammer a 2012 Boss around Fords Dearbourne proving grounds, alongside a new Camaro SS and Challenger SRT hemi (some turbo BMW, Audi A5, Benz 350 etc etc.) I was hooked. I'm a die hard Chevy guy and was so disappointed in the new Camaro, I left Michigan in quite a quandary. The words of several Ford SVT engineers rattled around my head on the 10 hour trip back to Pa, echoing the genius that was the Boss and the immense effort that created a unique American car.

I was at the same event the next year with a different genre of cars but Trans Am great Tommy Kendall was the guest of honor. On our last day, he gave us insane rides in a 2012 Boss LS, which truly showed the potential of the car. Last years 'hooked' was now caught. Tommy himself, having never driven one of these, proclaimed he may actually look to own one himself.

Grabber blue turned out to be my color and the search was on as of last month. One popped up about 3 hours from me at a Ford dealership in Delaware. The previous owner clearly took very good care of the Boss to the point that my critical eye found no defects anywhere, paint included. With less than 4k on the ticker, and still sporting original tires and new car smell, it didn't take long to strike a deal. Just in time too. It was my sons last day in 5th grade today and some good parents threw a big bash for the sports kids complete with limo. Funny how a good few of them asked to have a ride in the Boss instead. I took one youngster who so impressed me with his smarts about cars (shockingly so actually) to the party and gave him a brief taste of a pinch of what this car is capable of. He exited the car like a king. My son was a bit tweaked because I forced him in the limo.

Anyway, I'll now be really hitting the forums for more info and advice. I have no intentions of major modifications other than some basics like hood prop deletes and maybe some better looking wheels and a mild window tint. Maybe once it leaves the powertrain warranty, i'll think about more work. Thanks again everyone, i'll post some pics once I figure out the problem I just had uploading to the site.

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#300622 And This Means What?

Posted by 65sohc on 14 April 2014 - 09:47 PM

The responses I have gotten are like a perfect ebay vendor: 100% positive. It is a rare day that someone doesn't complement my car. It was the same when I had a GT 500. One of the more interesting encounters happened last week at Lowes. I happened to park next to a 2014 Candyapple red V6. As all of us do I glanced inside to assess the transmission status. Stick. Alright. I come back about ten minutes later and this elderly lady, pushing 70, approaches me. Turns out she owned the 6MT V6. She really liked my car and commented on the fact that it was much lower than hers. I explained it was a Boss to begin with and I had installed lower springs. She said, "Mine doesn't drive like a Mustang. It drives like an Impala. What can I do to lower it like yours?" I gave her some particulars for which she was grateful. I expect I'll be driving a Mustang when I'm 70, too. 

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#298813 Pimp Your Boss!

Posted by TymeSlayer on 07 March 2014 - 01:57 PM

My Matte Black CF5V Forgestar Wheels before tires installled




And now with the Mickey Thompson Street Comps installed (This morning) 




Let's go racing folks!


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#298497 Had a fun afternoon

Posted by _Snake_ on 01 March 2014 - 03:28 PM

One thing I have noticed is that when kids look at the car, they see it as a race car, not just a cool car.

The day I bought my Boss and the very first time I pulled it into the driveway, my next door neighbor's kids were playing out front (8 yo boy and a 5 yo girl). I could see them walking over as I shut the engine down and tried to prepare myself for the barrage of questions that was surely about to happen.

"Hey! Mr. Mike! Is that a race car?"
"Actually, yes it is."

And that was it. For 5 minutes he silently walked all around the car, taking it in from every angle.

"Is it fast?"
I grinned mischievously and nodded my head without saying a word.
He started laughing, said "Awesome!" and ran off.

A couple of minutes later I realized I was still smiling.
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#295889 Heads-Up Regarding TracKey PCM Software Reflash

Posted by KB2210 on 14 January 2014 - 02:03 PM

Trackey finally installed!
Yesterday morning I get a phone call form Ray at Ford Racing. He is calling to ask if I have gotten my Boss back from the dealership and if I am happy with how the new Trackey software is functioning. I tell him that I have not received a call from the dealership yet and proceed to ask him if he had any issues with the software loading on my PCM. He had no issues but also explains to me that it did not seem to him that the technician was doing anything wrong but that the PCM just would not take the reflash. Before he hung up, he also told me that I WOULD NOT be paying any extra cost above and beyond the 1 hour alotted to do the install. If the dealer tried to charge me anything above that, to immediatly fax him the invoice and he would take care of it. Not 5 minutes later I received my call from the dealership telling me that the PCM was reinstalled in the Boss and everything was up and running. Also, they informed me that, not only was Ford covering the cost of shipping, but they were also covering the extra labor for removal and reinstallation of the PCM (imagine that). That said, the dealership was extremely nice when I got there asking me to take the car for a ride to make sure everything was to my liking. I also found out that my car, the whole time it sat at the dealership, was on the front lift of the service department raised up out of the way because the service manager was afraid of anything happening to it. You gotta love the extra respect the Boss comands!
After a short drive, I'm going to go ahead and call B.S. on the "Trackey adds NO hp or torque" statement Ford made. I was only able to do 2 pulls on the butt dyno on my way home from the dealership yesterday but it certainly feels like a far better car with TK enabled. The silver key has just been relegated to road trip only status! I am a happy boy!!!

Thanks to all for suggestions and insights,
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#294454 First Boss 302 Mods?

Posted by BallwinBoss on 05 December 2013 - 09:26 AM

Wow you guys ARE old!  Started grinning to myself realizing that I'm not the only one here who started with a classic Mustang.  Mine was a '70 coupe with the 302.  I want to way it was grabber orange, but that might not be the right color.  Like others I was a poor high school kid then a VERY poor college student.  My mods included a Holly 4bbl double-pumper carb, high performance coil, plugs, etc., and rubber floor mats so my feet wouldn't fall through the rusted out floor boards.  After college I "treated myself" to an upgraded sound system in that car.


Thinking back I drove that car pretty hard and in all kinds of weather.   I lived in Utah and winter was tough but that car made it though.  My '13 Boss is my 4th Mustang.  Only mods so far have been new wheels, shoes and brakes for the track and MGW shifter.  I'm thinking hard about the chassis stiffner from Kenny Brown and maybe coil overs.  Yes drastic to say the least, but I must be honest.  I didn't buy the Boss for resale value I bought it to track it and have a nice summer day driver.


As we're getting ice right now in STL happy to be at a point in my life where the Boss doesn't have to be my daily driver or my long haul driver.  I've got a very nice Audi A6 for such occasions.


I'm sure when I'm old, sitting in my rocking chair, I will look back on these days as the best in my life.

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